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How Water Fed Pole 

Systems Work?

We currently serve Mountain ash, Aberdare, Abercynon and surrounding areas domestically, we also serve further afield commercially such as Cardiff, Blackwood and Merthyr Tydfil please contact us for any inquiries regarding demographic catchment areas. 

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The science behind it

Waterfed Poles

Window cleaning today is not what window cleaning used to be. With new methods and innovations – window cleaning has become a business where you can make money. This is what everyone wants to do. But how can you get the edge? Using a water fed pole system can do this. How? It enables you to do the windows a lot faster and without having to carry any ladders around – meaning that your health is better protected too!

Waterfed poles are used to reach the windows with a brush system that uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) water to clean the windows with. This is an easy way to wash the windows as the waterfed poles do all the work for you.

Window Cleaning

Waterfed pole systems are a way of being able to reach those windows that you normally have to use a window for. But it gets better – as many use them to clean the downstairs windows too! Why? Because the water that the water fed poles use is pure water treated by reverse osmosis or DI, and this formula allows the water to get the dirt off with little elbow grease. Also the water-fed poles can use do a much more thorough job as opposed to window cleaning by hand. This formula seems to be a winning formula as many are converting to a waterfed pole system once they realise the many benefits it can provide.

We all have windows and they all need cleaning from time to time. So if we clean windows for a living then we will want the best equipment to do the best and quickest job.

DI Units

DI Units convert normal tap water into de-ionised water which can then be used to clean glass. The DI machine uses a resin to remove 100% of the minerals, which is converted to de-ionised water.

A vital piece of kit – DI helps get those windows sparkling clean.

Complete Systems

As window cleaners we usually remove the water with a squeegee. If the dissolved solids could be removed from the water before the cleaning process, then this would inevitably remove the problem of streaking, and that is what the pure water fed poles systems strives to do. As water percolates through the ground it invariably dissolves some minerals, and it is these minerals that we find on our windows and our cars after we washed with tap water these come in the form of white streaks and spots etc. after the water has evaporated.

Water Softening

If your water is hard you will need the water softener (T.D.S. reading 150+). This swaps the calcium and magnesium, which makes the water hard, for sodium, which is obtained from common salt.